Three pasta facts you probably don’t know

    Unusual methods for making your favorite pasta

    Diverse nutrition is useful, but varied pasta cooking is a real pleasure! Especially if you can impress your friends or family with a new recipe, they will be speachless and amazed by your culinary skills. Take a look at our three suggestions and feel inspired to prepare the next meal.   Baking ...
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    Ingredients for an incredible Autumn pasta

    Who would guess that pasta could be combined with so many ingredients? It is time to diversify pasta dishes with new seasonal offers. We associate Autumn with three types of vegetables: a pumpkin, a potato and Brussels sprouts, which are the basis of the recipes below. Let’s prepare a tasty ...
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    Useful tips for leftover boiled pasta

    How many times have you had to throw away the pasta, because you had prepared more than you needed? You are not alone, keep calm! The secret is in the cooked unsweetened pasta that you can store in the fridge, and now we will show you some ways to prepare ...
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    Cocktails that complement the best classic pasta dishes

    It's time for something new! If you want to have a slightly different dinner, keep on reading. Besides the perfectly prepared pasta, you will need a glass of well-selected alcoholic drink to caress your palate. Remember that food is most delicious when served with a suitable drink and a good ...
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