сосове за паста

You have decided that you will prepare a delicious pasta for dinner or for lunch? Terrific decision, but you have to decide what the sauce would be as well as all the other ingredients for the meal. The truth is that you have a lot of options but it’s good to have in mind that every type of macaroni or spaghetti is harmoniously combines with different additions. Find out which are they, so that you can easily combine your pasta with various sauces and products which fit the occasion.

We guarantee, that you will be pleased with the tasty result!

Long and thin pasta

Long and thin pasta – the beloved spaghetti, vermicelli and other similar ones are most delicious and aromatic when they are served with lighter sauces. For example the tomato-based ones, as well as those made out of vegetables, olive oil and garlic. A lot of people prefer spaghetti with meat and sauces rich in ingredients, but the truth is that the lighter they are the more pleasant is the end result. This will make it easier for you to twirl the pasta around your fork.

Long and flat pasta

If you have bought or consider preparing an irresistible long and flat pasta, for example tagliatelle, you should have in mind that it perfectly retains the sauce on its surface and “loves” so to say, cream-based sauces. There is one unwritten rule which will help you when choosing the additional products. Lighter sauces like Alfredo or those with seafood. Do you want to enjoy a wider and thicker macaroni, prepared in a really unique way? Just add some chopped meat and some rich sauces.

Short and pipe-like pasta

When choosing how to combine some short pasta (penne, and oth.) which is most often used for salads and main dishes, you could bet on cream-based sauce with fresh vegetables, cheeses and some meat slices. The longer the pasta, the longer will the sauce remain on its surface. If the name of the macaroni consists of “rigate” then its texture is slightly gritty and very suitable for pesto as the small particles of the sauce are very easily attached to the pasta.

Short pasta with interesting shape

When considering the short pasta with interesting shapes – bows, springs etc. (for example farfalle, fusilli, and oth.), keep in mind that it is more suitable for thicker and richer protein or cream-based sauces. Chopped meat is also an option, as its small pieces stick very well to the pasta shapes and make consuming the meal an especially pleasant activity!

Do not forget that everyone can make pasta, but in order to prepare an inspiring, beautiful, healthy and appetizing dish, desire and skills are required. We wish you to achieve only such amazing results!