how to eat pasta

There are a lot of questions regarding the correct way to eat pasta. Some people avoid ordering the delicious meal in a restaurant because they are afraid of getting stains or to embarrass themselves in front of the others. Find out what is the etiquette when eating pasta and be calm and confident the next time you are offered your favourite spaghetti or macaroni.

Help with a spoon

A big part of the restaurants offer cutlery which aids you in eating pasta. The fork serves as a basis, held in the right hand and you have to twirl around its tines 2 or 3 long spaghetti when you want to have a bite. Sometimes a spoon is offered (it is held in the right hand), with which you can aid the twirling of the spaghetti around the fork. This is an American custom, so don’t be surprised if you are not offered the same in an Italian restaurant. It has been said that an Italian can recognize from which country someone else is by the way one eats pasta. The spoon is used to aid people born in the south part of the country.

Slicing or not

If you eat spaghetti or macaroni, don’t slide them into pieces in order to eat them easier. The etiquette is not allowing it, unless you are alone at home, where you are not bothered by people and expectations. If you are visiting someone or in a restaurant you can use a knife, if you have been served pasta of a bigger kind – lasagna or ravioli. You shouldn’t slurp or suck in your food as it is a example of a bad upbringing. We advise that you don’t do it even if you are with your close friends or relatives.

Frequency and attention

It is not recommended to gather and eat the excess pasta sauce with bread or to eat fast and loud. Having pasta holds a risk from possibly staining yourself so it is good to be careful with the size of the bites you make with the fork. Let them be small but similar to one another in order to keep yourself clean.