kids pasta

Everyone knows that kids love pasta! Yes, the little members of your family can consume pasta and yes – it won’t harm them. In fact, it can be an important part for a balanced, healthy diet.

Pasta for kids – Interesting research

The results from the research of the National Pasta Association are intriguing. The team analyzed the habits and condition of the children between 2 and 18 years old. It has been determined that those who eat spaghetti and macaroni regularly have better eating habits and health than those who almost never have such meals. Those kids, who consume pasta regularly take more fibers, iron, Vitamin E and magnesium, and less fat than those who eat other types of food. This doesn’t mean that only spaghetti and macaroni should be offered, but that pasta is a good addition to our menu as it combines with a number of vegetables and proteins. How to convince your children to eat broccoli, spinach and other useful products? In combination with pasta and a delicious sauce this task would be much more easily achieved.

If you want to prepare spaghetti or macaroni for the little ones, you have to aim to serve dishes with light sauces, without too much spices, so the digestion would be easier. Do not go overboard with the quantities, it has been known that a 100gr of pasta is enough for someone to feel full.


If there are family members with gluten allergy, it would be good to take caution when serving pasta. You should do so relatively rarely and the product should be of high-quality and with low glycemic index. We recommend you choose past from 100% durum wheat because it has better nutritional qualities than the ordinary one.

It is good to know that, pasta is given to kids usually when they are older than 8 months. Most mothers start with couscous, because it is easier to consume and faster to prepare. You want to serve your baby a larger type of pasta, like farfalle or penne? Slice it in advance in small pieces, so that your kid won’t choke on them.

Let your favourite boys and girls grow up to be cheerful, nice and healthy people!