THE BLUE ZONES: secrets of longevity

    Beautiful ideas for Christmas decoration with pasta

    Scientific studies have long shown that it is useful for a person to do new things that he or she has never tried before. It trains the brain, strengthens memory, but most of all - improves mood! That's why we suggest this Christmas to try pasta decoration instead of the ...
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    The culinary secrets of Italian pasta grannies

    They call them nonna, or the beloved Italian grandma. As in Bulgaria, they are an invaluable source of culinary advice and craftsmanship. For most Italians, the Sunday lunch at nonna’s is a tradition - the whole family gathers at the grandmother's house and has a great meal. We have compiled for ...
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    Italian style autumn

    Summer is waving goodbye to us, but the gracious fall brings an aroma of chestnuts, wild mushrooms and fruits gleaming in golden hues. The shorter days and the cool weather outside are the perfect time for homemade culinary temptations - warm, appetizing and inspired by the all-favourite Italy. Italians do ...
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    Back-to-school yummy ideas

    It's about time to send the kids back to school, and what a better idea for that occasion than making their school day tastier, healthier and more fun. Here are some approaches for creating joy for the kids with the help of mouth-watering and inspiring yumminess that is not time-consuming ...
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