What landscape with which pasta?

    Advice by famous pasta chefs

    It is always fascinating to get a glimpse into a master chef’s kingdom. Especially if the said chef is a pasta master who can share experience, traditions and hacks about sinfully delicious pasta. We gathered three renowned pasta chefs from different parts of the world to share their secrets and ...
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    The secrets of the pesto

    Pesto was first prepared а long, long time ago. The exact period of his invention is arguable  - it is said to be somewhere between the 16th and the 19th century. Pesto-like sauces have been consumed even at the time of the ancient Romans. The first mentioning of the word ...
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    Pasta la vista, baby!

    For the beloved April Fools’ Day we wholeheartedly greet you with a brief overview of some amusing pasta-inspired fun. The spaghetti-tree hoax     Source: The Guardian, “The Spaghetti Harvest”, 1957 In 1957 г. BBC releases a 3-minute hoax report about an incredible spaghetti tree that’s been grown by a swiss family in ...
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    Pasta and healthy eating

    With so much talking out there about diet, it’s rather difficult to know what to believe. Scientific research though proves that including the right kinds of pasta in your daily menu can benefit health in numerous aspects. Of course, moderation is the key word here! But also, knowing more about ...
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