The secrets of the pesto

    Pasta la vista, baby!

    For the beloved April Fools’ Day we wholeheartedly greet you with a brief overview of some amusing pasta-inspired fun. The spaghetti-tree hoax     Source: The Guardian, “The Spaghetti Harvest”, 1957 In 1957 г. BBC releases a 3-minute hoax report about an incredible spaghetti tree that’s been grown by a swiss family in ...
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    Pasta and healthy eating

    With so much talking out there about diet, it’s rather difficult to know what to believe. Scientific research though proves that including the right kinds of pasta in your daily menu can benefit health in numerous aspects. Of course, moderation is the key word here! But also, knowing more about ...
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    The secrets of pasta cooking

    Cooking pasta can seem deceivingly simple. However, as with all things simple, timing is crucial. Boiling just a few minutes less or more can produce very unsatisfactory results. As Italians put it pasta should be “al dente” which literally translates as “just right for the tooth”, or firm enough to ...
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    Italian illustrator Romina Beneventi: “Pasta is the feeling that you are loved and safe”

    Romina Beneventi is an Italian painter and illustrator of books for children. She’s been living in Tuscany for many years now, but she is actually from the South where her memories about her grandma’s house are still rooted. She likes to cook homemade food  and appreciate Italian culinary traditions. What ...
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