THE BLUE ZONES: secrets of longevity

    Beautiful ideas for Christmas decoration with pasta

    Scientific studies have long shown that it is useful for a person to do new things that he or she has never tried before. It trains the brain, strengthens memory, but most of all - improves mood! That's why we suggest this Christmas to try pasta decoration instead of the ...
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    What landscape with which pasta?

    It is a well-known fact that different regions in Italy have their special traditions when it comes to cooking pasta. What is not widely known, however, is that pasta shape preferences also vary locally. In Liguria people traditionally eat a certain shape of pasta, in Piemont - another type and ...
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    Pasta la vista, baby!

    For the beloved April Fools’ Day we wholeheartedly greet you with a brief overview of some amusing pasta-inspired fun. The spaghetti-tree hoax     Source: The Guardian, “The Spaghetti Harvest”, 1957 In 1957 г. BBC releases a 3-minute hoax report about an incredible spaghetti tree that’s been grown by a swiss family in ...
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