For the beloved April Fools’ Day we wholeheartedly greet you with a brief overview of some amusing pasta-inspired fun.

The spaghetti-tree hoax  


Source: The Guardian, “The Spaghetti Harvest”, 1957

In 1957 г. BBC releases a 3-minute hoax report about an incredible spaghetti tree that’s been grown by a swiss family in their garden. At that time pasta is relatively unknown in UK. Minutes after the report, the BBC is flooded by calls by Britons who are eager to know how to plant spaghetti trees in their gardens. It all happened on the day of April the 1-st! 7 millions of Britons believed in the inventive joke. You can watch more about the event and its creators here:

Italian Jokes


Sometimes the Italians joke that you were dressed as a farfalle, meaning that you look too formal compared to others. Another time they joke that good friends are like unstirred spaghetti – they always stick together.

Macaroni style


In the middle of the 18th century, “macaroni” had been used for a modern type of voluminous hairstyle, typical for the dandies of that era. In England it is brought by a young aristocrat after his returning from an exciting journey of Italy.

Some funny names

Photo of pappardelle

Some types of paste have names that sound like a joke in themselves! For example, the popular orecchiette in southern Italy mean “small ears”. On the other hand, mostaccioli come from “mustache”. And the funniest of all is the sounding of pappardelle – they come from the Italian word pappare, which means “I eat with great appetite, as if I haven’t eaten for a long time”.