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Having the advantage of our experience, we’ve selected for you what we know best – authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sole Mio. Extracted from the olive groves in Greece, the special selection features premium world-class quality.
We are proud to offer Sole Mio Extra Virgin Olive Oil because we believe everyone deserves such a gift from nature. It is incredibly tasty and aromatic, as well as rich in antioxidants, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids – all of them very beneficial for your health.
Our goal is to make the day of every family better! Sole Mio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an everyday gift of pleasure, longevity and wellness.
Sole Mio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is aromatic and delicate in taste. It is a central part of the healthy cuisine.
It is ideal to use for salad dressing, baking, barbeque and cooking.