As wise people once said – food is for eating while good food is to be enjoyed! And what better place to do this than the world’s capital of food connoisseurs – Italy. Here is a special short list of divine culinary museums that will inspire you to explore traditional Italian foods with all senses.

The National Museum of Pasta Foods (Rome) 

is the only one of its kind in the world. Hall after hall, the curious visitors will discover the age-old methods of making pasta by hand (like the first stone grinders, for instance). Moreover, you’ll get to know the story of how this beloved food got so famous around the world thanks to the creation of “dry pasta”. Nestled in Rome, the museum is a great tourist gem for pasta lovers and Italian culture admirers. Museo Nazionale delle Paste Alimentari:

The Wine Museum (Florence region)

Greve in Chianti is a medieval town located only 30 km away from Florence. It is actually Florentines’ favorite destination for a weekend getaway. This is where the awesome Museo del Vino is. This museum celebrates two centuries of winemaking tradition and displays the genuine wine culture of Chianti region. Among the most enchanting things to see is the ancient wine library featuring precious, richly illustrated books about wine. Of course, every day you are more than welcome to make a Wine Tour accompanied by some of the museum’s sommeliers.
Museo del Vino:

Gelato Museum Carpigiani (Bologna)

A dream-like gelato experience awaits you in this irresistible museum featuring an interactive tour that highlights three principal themes regarding gelato: the evolution of gelato over time, the history of production technology, and the places and ways it is consumed. More than 20 original machines and over 10 000 historical images and documents will impress the curious visitors. Of course, the highlight of the tour is the tasting area, where you can sample different types of gelato that’s both art and science.
Gelato Museum Carpigiani:

Musei del Cibo (Parma region)

The so called association of different Food Museums in Parma offers a unique experience for all senses and tastes. Felino’s Salami Museum tells the story of the famous black pig of Parma and the technology used to make salami. Collecchio’s Tomato Museum follows the arrival of the tomato in Europe in the 16th century to the rise of tomato farming and the birth of canned tomato industry. In the Museum of Parmigiano-Reggiano in Soragna, you can explore the phases of processing milk and understand what makes a cheese factory.

Musei del Cibo: