It’s about time to send the kids back to school, and what a better idea for that occasion than making their school day tastier, healthier and more fun. Here are some approaches for creating joy for the kids with the help of mouth-watering and inspiring yumminess that is not time-consuming to prepare and is easy for the kids to travel to school with. 

Healthy breakfast

Rusks are a great idea for a morning or afternoon snack in the school or the schoolyard. Instead of the ordinary snacks, children can still enjoy something crunchy without eating too much salt. But most importantly! You can take advantage and add in the box with rusks a few olives or carrots cut into strips or cucumbers. This will be an easy and convenient way for the kiddos to eat all at once or in several different breaks.

The Lunchbox 

It is difficult to keep a tasty pasta dish warm for long in your child’s lunch box, so the pasta salad – cold by definition – is a great solution. It is both healthy and delicious (just right and fresh when cold) and on top, nutritious – it will keep your children full for a longer time. It is always a good idea to add to the salad some pieces of your kid’s favorite products – sausages or cheese, or, hopefully, some veggies. Such a dish will be kept fresh without the risk of spillage as children travel to school.

Pasta inspiration

The amazing thing about pasta is that with it you can easily show creativity and ingenuity – this way you inspire kids who are oftentimes not so eager to go for lessons. How? Well, for example, if the day is a gloomy autumn Monday – put in their bag a salad with pasta shapes of seashells and stick secretly on the lunch box a small colored note with the inscription: The seashells will remind you of the sea! Also a fun option is to make them a dish of colorful pasta so that they impress their friends. In general, use pasta shapes creatively to awaken the smile of children and their own desire to create.

Something sweet and easy

The biggest problem that every parent wants to avoid is the wide spread obsession of kids with that artificial-taste sweets on the store shelves. If your children love chocolate so much, why don’t you surprise them with a mini jar of chocolate spread and a few rusks so that the kiddos can scoop choco with them instead of buying wafers. This will make the happy snack both easy and convenient to eat in the lesson break, as well as keeps you calm and satisfied that you provide your kids with the best possible sweets (you can even prepare a home made chocolate if you have the time).