Scientific studies have long shown that it is useful for a person to do new things that he or she has never tried before. It trains the brain, strengthens memory, but most of all – improves mood! That’s why we suggest this Christmas to try pasta decoration instead of the usual one. Your home will look cozier, more original and, of course, filled with creativity. From raw pasta you can create anything – just look at some ideas!

Conchiglie Christmas Tree

The best part about making Christmas tree from pasta is that the kids will also be unstoppable in this fun activity. We recommend the idea of ​​using Conchiglie, pasta better known in our country as shells. They are small and large – choose the larger ones. As shown in the photos, you need a small cardboard cone to glue the pasta pieces on, with the bulging side inwards.

Draw me a Christmas 

Of course, you can paint the ready-made tree in green or silver to resemble a snow-covered Christmas tree. To finish the Christmas tree – put a farfalle on top – a bow-tie-shaped pasta that ideally plays the role of a Christmas star.

Xmas in the menu 

The beauty of Christmas is, of course, not only the decoration, it can also spread from the dishes themselves! The options for a Christmas plot of the dish are innumerable – spaghetti wrapped like a Christmas tree, a portrait of a penguin with a Christmas hat. Unleash your fantasy….

Pasta pictures from penne and fusilli 

По темата Коледа може да направите и прекрасни “картини” от паста: подобно на лего, от паста формички могат да се сглобят коледни символи, които да се залепят върху дърво или картон, а после да ги окачите на стената или пък да направите специален подарък на някого. 

Christmas wreath from farfalle

Why don’t you make the front door wreath out of pastа this Christmas? We recommend you to do it with farfalle pasta because these shapes bring a spirit of festivity and elegance. It is mandatory that you finally varnish the wreath to be more resistant afterwards.

Pasta garlands 

Garlands from colorful pasta are a unique idea which will add a humorous touch to your Xmas home outlook. Just imagine: along the twinkling lamps – garlands from penne! We recommend that you choose penne or rigatoni for the garlands since they are wide, hollow tubes and you can easily string them on a thread. 

How to serve

And lastly, have in mind that even the way you serve might be unique with the help of pasta decoration. It is easy to decorate the fork or spoon with a piece of farfalle for instance to spread a stylish, elegant vibe on the table. Kids will be especially excited!