Cellentani and Whole grain spaghetti

Delicious, healthy, diversified – three words that you can associate with Sole Mio’s products. That is why we are very happy to say that you can now enjoy two new types of pasta from the brand – Cellentani and Whole grain spaghetti! With them, the product range is growing to try even more great suggestions from Sole Mio.

The delicious Cellentani has an interesting shape, resembling the corkscrew curves. It is ideal for salads and also for main dishes. Because of its specific curves, it retains the sauce on its surface perfectly and provides the ultimate pleasure! Additionally the new Sole Mio Cellentani is a part of the Express series – ready in just 4 minutes.

You will now also have the opportunity to eat Whole grain spaghetti, which is available in packs of 500 grams each. It takes 7 minutes to cook it “al dente” and prepare an irresistible dish with it.

With two new products: Cellentani and Whole grain spaghetti, Sole Mio meets the desires and taste preferences of people who are looking for the high quality of 100% selected varieties of durum wheat. Try the products and share with the loved people the taste that always fascinates!