Do you like delicious and well cooked pasta? In order for your dish to be even more appetizing, Sole Mio created new products which will bring even more delight to your table. Very soon you will be able to enjoy our new Italian made sauces which will help to make the spaghetti and macaroni even more delicious.

The new Sole Mio sauces are three types – classic Napolеtana, aromatic Basilico, and spicy Arrabbiata. They are have a tomato foundation and are the perfect addition to your meal. They are free of colorants and preservatives and are made of the freshest ingredients for a true home-made flavor. Each pasta meal needs a quality sauce, which adds to the unique taste of the prepared food. The new Sole Mio sauces are produced in Italy and are created for the connoisseurs of the high quality spaghetti and macaroni.

The different sauces contain: tomato puree, onions, carrots, basil, red peppers, chilly and virgin olive oil. Try all three and choose which suits your personal taste best, even though we are certain that you will like all 3 options! For more inspiration you can look at our recipes – there you will find interesting ideas for lunch or dinner, with which you will pleasantly surprise the whole family.

The new Sole Mio pasta sauces represent another step of the brand towards creating high quality products for the fans of the Italian cuisine. We remind you that very soon we launched on the market lasagna and tagliatelle – macaroni from selected sorts of durum wheat.