In order to fully enjoy the delicious and healthy Sole Mio pasta, it is time to introduce its perfect match – Sole Mio Extract Virgin Olive Oil!

Very soon, Sole Mio launches high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in the land of olive groves – Greece. We proudly offer the power of this land because we believe everyone deserves these gifts of nature.

Sole Mio Olive Extra Virgin is the highest quality cold-pressed olive oil with low acidity ≤0.5%.

Aromatic and delicious, it is the basis of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Our goal is to make the day of every family better and healthier.

Sole Mio Olive Extra Virgin is suitable for preparing pasta and macaroni dishes, salads, barbecue, baking and cooking. To satisfy the needs of each customer we offer Sole Mio Extra Virgin Olive Oil in three size options – 5 L, 1 L, 750 ml.

Coming soon!