pasta sauces

We have special news for all fans of the delicious pasta! Sole Mio has developed two more products that will make your table a delight. You will soon be able to try out the new pasta sauces that will make everyone tasting the dish say “Mmmm!”. We present you the stars of our culinary podium – Pesto Genovese and Pesto Rosso. These are jars of happiness whose contents add extra flavor to each dish with pasta.

What makes products so special? The new Sole Mio pesto sauces are made from premium ingredients and are a healthy and delicious solution for the whole family. The difference between the two pestos is created by the ingredients. Pesto Genovese is prepared with extra Virgin olive oil, fresh basil, and pine nuts. Pesto Rosso is also a highly tempting pesto, but here with added tomatoes and cashew nuts. Both are extremely aromatic, pleasant and nutritious addition to your menu. The listed Sole Mio pestos for pasta are produced in Italy to the traditional recipes and fully satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding. Compromise with quality is something the brand does not do, so every bite is the ultimate pleasure!

The new pesto sauces that Sole Mio offers are created and pre-cooked to make it easy and convenient for everyone who loves pasta. They are suitable both for beginner chefs and for people with a rich culinary experience. With their addition, your lunch or dinner acquires a complete and perfect vision and taste!