Prepare the plates and inspire yourselves for new and tempting meal! Sole Mio  released a new product on the market – tagliatelle, which can become your culinary favourite.  Each pack  is with net weight of 500 grams, which is enough to make a wonderful dinner for the whole family!

You can prepare these macaroni in many ways and because of their rough texture, they can make a harmonious combination with different meat types. If you plan to prepare tagliatelle, you can consider using beef, pork or rabbit meat. You prefer vegetarian recipes? Bet on the tomato sauce and basil or make a Carbonara type sauce but without the bacon.

The new Sole Mio tagliatelle are made of 100% durum wheat, just like the other products. The necessary time for preparation is 6 – 7 minutes, so do not forget the ready macaroni on the hob – let them be al dente. Bon Appetite!