In the summer it’s a great idea to not break up with the favorite pasta, but to eat it in a fresh, lighter salad version. The good news about the pasta salad is that it is both healthy and nutritious (which can not be said for the usual salads, after which we are very soon hungry again). We have selected for you some awesome salads with different types of pasta that are perfect for lunch or dinner this season.

Summer Orzo Salad 

This salad is great with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion chopped. Do not forget to add fresh herbs and greeneries such as basil, mint and parsley. Cheese is an important part of orzo salad – we recommend choosing feta or cheddar. A bunch of cooked beans or peas add even more tempting density and appetite to the salad. Dressing is by your choice – why not aromatic olive oil with a little bit of fresh lemon?

Sea salad 

The best about this pasta temptation is that it’s ready in no time. Greeneries are a must – rucola and mint. The dressing is made of lemon and milk sauce Ranch (with spices, a little garlic, salt and mustard). Do not forget black olives and tuna, recommendably in its own sauce. This salad is also very yummy with salmon!

Rainbow salad 

This salad is called “Rainbow” because of the intentional spontaneity in it. Just open the refrigerator and add everything that you left the day before on the antipasti plateau – bacon, boiled eggs, sprouts, greens, cheese, olives. In this smart way you will not have to throw away tasty food, while at the same time you will make a magical fresh salad.

Strawberry pasta salad 

In just 10 minutes you can arrange this fresh and aristocratic feast! You need strawberries, olive oil, fresh basil and mozzarella cut in cubes. It is also important to have a balsamic glaze that is best to be homemade: mix 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Put the mixture to boil and let it stay on the fire for 10 minutes until it remains halfway. If necessary, add a little honey to the finished glaze. Pour onto the salad and mix well so that the glaze is spread evenly.

Fresh salad with couscous 

Ideal for lunch or light dinner, this salad’s stars are the all favorite couscous and fresh cucumbers. Cut the cucumbers into small cubes, along with some tomatoes. Add parsley, dill and basil, finely chopped. Do not miss garlic, grinded, with a little bit of salt. Season with olive oil, lemon juice, mustard and pepper.