Have you ever wondered about the pasta origin, or whether it has always been combined with the so loved tomato sauce? We will now show you some pretty curious secrets about the popular pasta. Every bite is a pleasure, especially if we know more facts, that we can share during the family dinner to surprise the spaghetti and macaroni lovers.


  1. Tomato obsession

Everyone knows about the most classic culinary combination of tomato sauce and delicious spaghetti or macaroni, but a few know that, in fact, the tasty vegetable was introduced much later in the culinary masterpieces of the Europeans. If the pasta dish dates back to 400 BC, the juicy tomato was brought from Mexico in 1519. Only then did the experiments and different combinations of these two classic and mandatory ingredients for each kitchen, begin.


  1. Food for kings and beggars

In the 17th century, Neapolitanians became known to consume mainly pasta (mangiamaccheroni from italian). This was the preferred food for the rich society, but due to the cheap import price of  Nepalese flour and the lack of meat, delicious spaghetti and macaroni became the main dish for the poor in Naples, as well.


  1. Pasta = happiness

Have you notice that after eating your favorite spaghetti or macaroni you feel more joyful? This is not a delusion, but a proven fact. The carbohydrates in pasta increase the levels of seratonin in the body, which is the main reason to feel happy.


Now you know enough facts about the spaghetti and macaroni dish and you are ready to share this knowledge. Even with its long history, the taste of pasta dishes is now loved more than ever by both young and old ones. To enrich this taste, we have selected many delicious and easy to prepare recipes for you that you can browse through our website.